Furniture Condition Ratings

We know we are asking a lot of you to purchase from us "sight-unseen".  This is why we visually inspect and also "sniff test" every item we advertise. When taking pictures, we are seen lifting seat cushions to look for pet hair and stains or odors; we also open drawers to look and smell for any issues. It sounds funny, but isn't this what you would do if shopping in a resale environment? We try to be YOUR eyes and YOUR nose.  We will not list any items that smell like smoke or mildew (every nose is different, but ours are pretty sensitive). If a leg looks like a puppy may have used it as a chew toy - we will bring this to your attention. Water marks - we'll tell you about those too. If something needs reupholstering - we'll let you know. 

We describe every item with a "rating" included. 

Pristine - The item looks nearly new. It might not be 100% perfect, but even new merchandise lacks perfection. Remember - these pre-owned items are made by humans. A pristine item looks as good as you can get for a used item.  

Excellent - The item looks beautiful and may need some very minor cosmetic touch-up. As soon as you accessorize, many of these issues will disappear.

Very Good - The item is a great piece with a little more reviving needed. Scratches and dings are more visible.

Good - A great piece with great potential if you are willing to put in some effort.

Showroom Floor Sample - The item has been on display in a showroom. Never used in a home. It could have light signs of wear.

Excellent Vintage - The item is old and in excellent condition for it's age. Expect to see some signs light of use and wear with expected patina.

Very Good Vintage - Still an old item. A great piece that has a good structure but in need of more reviving.

Good Vintage - The item is a great old piece with great potential if you are willing to make the effort with some restoration.

Glass and Marble Edge Finishings

There are a myriad of choices when it comes to finishing the edge of a piece of glass or stone. In furniture topped with glass, the consumer is most concerned with safety and durability.  In furniture topped with stone, one can get a bit more creative and crazy, because stone can offer the flexibility of a laminated (or enhanced) edge.  In this case stone is layered to give the desired result.

Below are some examples of glass edge profiles.

Laminated Stone Edge Profiles

Polished Stone Edge Profiles

Dining Chair Back Styles

There are many ways to describe the back of a dining chair.  Here's a cheat sheet that can help you decide what period and style a chair may be from.

We've also come across some more uncommon styles, such as the Louis XVI Ballon Back chairs shown below; they clearly resemble a hot-air balloon.  A gorgesou set of 5 can surround a circular table, or a set of 4 can be used around a square table.

Here are some of our featured dining chairs

Tropical Woven Back Chairs with a Contemporary Flair by Artistica

Tropical Woven Back Chairs with a Contemporary Flair by Artistica

Zebra Wood Chairs by Italian Manufacturer Biebe

Zebra Wood Chairs by Italian Manufacturer Biebe

Fabuleux Chairs by Christopher Guy

Fabuleux Chairs by Christopher Guy

Louis XV Oval Back Armchairs

Louis XV Oval Back Armchairs

Coffee or Cocktail?

What is the difference between a coffee table and a cocktail table? Many times, we see these terms used interchangeably. Most of the time our titles and descriptions include both terms to accommodate potential buyers that may search one way or the other. However, there technically is a difference and it is easily explained and remembered as follows...

A coffee table is round and a cocktail table is not.


Need a mental image?  If the table is the shape of a doughnut (which goes great with coffee), it is a coffee table. Otherwise it is a cocktail table.